Femme Noire Studio – Course Descriptions.

If you are a model, new to the city and need help maneuvering through the world of modeling, you have come to the right place. From what to wear/bring to castings to building a rapport in the industry we discuss it as well as help you create photos that will get you noticed. You will get expert advice and meet other models beginning their journey as well.

Creating Your Photography Business.

Have you taken some great pics in “auto” mode, but now you want to take your business of photography to the next level. In this class you will learn how to set up your business, generate the correct forms, build a website that will get you results, how to market your business and make social media work for you. In addition, learn how to work with models, clients and even celebrities if that is the goal of your business.

All About Models.

Want to learn how to find models, build a dynamic portfolio, and more about the business of fashion photography in general? Do you want to learn how to build a business and clientele that will last? Then take this hour long course on working with models. Learn how to create a connection and the look you want. From learning to use the right language to using the right models for the right shoots. This 2 – hour hands on class will give you the opportunity to work with models hands on, build your portfolio and become savvier with your craft.

Modeling 101 – How to Start A Modeling Career.

Have you always wanted to be a model but don’t know what it takes. Does everyone love your Instagram page but you can’t figure out how to translate that into making money. That is because there is a lot more to modeling than just taking a great picture. It takes understanding what is expected of you on set, knowing what to do when you go on calls/auditions, learning how to present yourself well and dressing for success. In this 3 hour class you will get to schmooze with models that have worked in the industry, get guidance from a photographer that knows what the agencies are looking for and take photos that will help you build a diverse portfolio.

Fashion Blogging 101.

In this digital age, all you need is a website, a digital camera a great wardrobe and you have a fashion blog. However, there is a difference between having a fashion blog and having a successful fashion blog.

In this course you will find out what types of things make a blog successful. You will learn how to find your own niche, make your niche work for you, take social media to the next level and market yourself the way only you can. You will learn how to create a media kit in this 2 hour class, hearing from fashion bloggers that have invested in their craft and created the type of blog women read daily. That and more awaits the fashionista eager to learn how to make their life in fashion work 24/7.

Social Media 101.

More than likely you have a Facebook and Instagram account. You may have an Instagram and Twitter account. Maybe you have all 3 but do you know the passwords? How often do you log in? Do you engage others online? Even if you do, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram aren’t the end all in social media. There are so many tools and the more outlets you use properly, the more exposure you will get.

In this course you will learn how to host a party using social media, make new friends using social media, how to grow your network and so much more. We will be joined by social media gurus and hopefully, it will be the most fun you’ve had on the internet in a long time.

Creating An Online Store.

Do you love shopping and what to share your talent with the world? Have you been in the retail business but now you want to take your experience to another level? While that is a great start there is so much more to running an online store than just having great buying and design taste. At the end of the day either online or brick/mortar, running a store is a business. You will need some business savvy to get ahead of the competition and create a brand that will last. Come spend 2 hours with Shop Blanco Bleu Fashionista Toni Scott and learn how to:

Create a Business Plan

The paperwork to get you started

Building a website to get things sold

Marketing your business with photos that WOW!

Find industry resources

Purchase clothing that will reflect the identity of your store


Makeup For Actresses Models & More Are you a model or actress and want to know what your makeup should look like when you go on auditions. For those in the industry, you have the best of the best doing your makeup when you are on set. However, what about when you are off set? Do you want to know how to do your makeup when you aren’t working but still have to be seen in public for one reason or another? You are your own business card and in some industries the way you look and present yourself matters. Or maybe you aren’t in the industry at all and just want to make a good impression when you go out. Believe it or not there is a difference in work looks, day looks, night looks and more. Learn more about your skin, the colors that work best on you and how to make an investment in the looks that will make your selfies memorable!

Class Benefits Features.

1. Small class size – 15 maximum

2. Hands on instruction

3. Individual attention

4. Convenient Location

5. Experienced instructor(s)

6. Booklet with necessary information

7. Surprise Guests

8. Networking Opportunities

9. Fun & Informative Environment

10. In-Depth Q & A Sessions.

Courses: $150

Introductory Rate: $75 enter (code #)

Instructor Bios:

Toni Scott is a professional photographer specializing in celebrity, beauty and portraiture photography.

Her style is elegant and puts all of the focus on her subjects. Even when she is shooting products she seeks to ensure that her model is just as enticing as the product. That is why she has a consistent client base because they are all seeking the magic she creates once she starts firing her camera. Toni’s A-list celebrity subjects include Jay Ellis of BET’s hit show The Game, Jessica Sutta of the Pussy Cat Dolls, Jon Huertas of the hit ABC show Castle, Comedian Kevin Hart and more. She has captured endless celebrities on the red carpet from Giuliana Rancic to Melissa Ethridge. Her passion for photography shows in her photographs. Now, let her share her experience with you.