I love creating moments and I work hard to create a unique experience. I have my own style and I don’t seek to follow the crowd. I truly try to see my clients and photograph their moment the way they want it captured.

I work with some of the best hair and makeup artist in the business. If you want to add a glam session to your shoot, your wish is our command.

1. Weddings/Engagements
2. Boudoir
3. Editorial/Fashion
4. Marketing/Events


Engagement photo shoots are where I seek to tell your story through photos. When your friends and family see them the little details we incorporate into your personal shoot, will remind them how you fell in love. I will capture the looks, the smiles but mostly the love between you.


You don’t have to be in love to capture yourself at your best. Take it for confidence, to liberate yourself or just because it is the selfie you could never take. Seize the day. If you are in love, it is Valentine’s Day, his birthday or just because he is the man you love, you can give him the gift of you. Give him a photo of one of the many reasons he fell in love with you.


I love weddings! Since I have photographed almost any type of wedding you can imagine. From destination weddings to a groom dressed as Elvis in Vegas, feel free to take me along for the ride. I should also mention I have worked with dozens of event planners, venues and understand the professional flow of weddings quite well. I have an emergency kit for all mishaps because I am always prepared. Just relax, enjoy your big day.


Every photographer has something they love as a hobby that manages to make its way into their professional life. In my case, I really enjoyed building my photography business into something unique and what I would call successful. Luckily since I know what it takes to build and market a business, I am able to help other businesses create the same success for their business with my photography as well. By staying up to date on current marketing trends including social media, I am able to work with small business owners to build their clientele by helping them become more visual among other things. From clothing designers and stylist needing Lookbooks of their work to catering companies wanting to make their food look irresistible, I have made it happen. That includes graphic work incorporating my photograph into menus and websites along with creating cutting edge photography focused monthly newsletters to send to clients. The work I produce will get you noticed.